Boot Camp

Our 5am class is dedicated to all the early birds waiting to sweat, and start their day off. You will experience Kickboxing, Isometrics, Fit Balls, Yoga, Pilates, Core Exercises, Weight Training, and actual Boot Camp Drills…The results is an invigorating workout that keeps you interested and most importantly-burning calories! You will enjoy the company of other individuals wanting the same goals: “Results!” If you’re up for the challenge, come and visit our facility and join the class!


To achieve a healthy mind/body connection, we must start a positive attitude. Our minds and bodies can only give back what we put into them. With our fast paced life styles, balance is a necessary component to a healthy mind/body connection. Bringing a balance between work, home, diet, exercise, and relaxation allows us to not only lead a healthy life, but enjoy it as well.” (Michelle Cassiano)


Still not sure if this is for you? Now you have no excuse, Mention the website and receive 3 days complimentary. Come enjoy a workout that actually gets results!