About Us

AL Gonzales “Big Al”


For the last 25 years I have been involved with personal training, sport nutrition, rehabilitation and marital arts. My background in personal training has allowed me to work in world renowned gyms such as the original Gold’s gym, the first World gym, and Powerhouse gym,FamilyFitnessCenters, the original Holiday Health Spa, and Nautilus. I have also owned my own personal training facilities all overSouthern California.

My cliental ranges from a new mom who wants to regain her figure, to the overweight freshman that needs to loose weight in order to make the football team.

I have completed over 30,000 hours of physical training, sport nutrition, rehabilitation and sport training during my career.

Helping my clients accomplish their goals is what keeps me in this field.


I began my career in Martial Arts when I was about six years old. I started with boxing; my father was a professional boxer and had a great career until he joined the military and got very sick, which ended his career.

Disciplines: Karate, Kendo, Judo, Kung Foo San Soo, American Kempo Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kali Stick fighting, Tai Chi Jitsu, Lima Lama, and training in the Marine Corp.


  • AAAI-ISMA: Sport Nutrition
  • AFPA:             Sport Nutrition
  • IFPA:              Fitness Trainer
  • AFPA:             Personal Trainer
  • AAAI-ISMA: Personal Fitness Trainer
  • IFPA:               Sport Nutrition Trainer
  • NESTA:           Personal Trainer
  • American Red Cross: CPR Card


  • Marina Corp- Honorable Discharge
  • Martial Arts Hall of Fame- Teacher of the Year 1996
  • Golden Globe- Martial Arts Hall of Fame – Sensei of the Year 1998
  • Kali Filipino Stick fighting Champion of the year 1999
  • Black Belt – Teacher of the Year 2001
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing Super Heavy Weight 2001 contender and Trainer of many champions.
  • Black Belt Lima Lama 3rd Degree
  • Black Belt Thai Chi Jitsu 3rd Degree
  • Boxing Fighter and trainer over 20 years
  • Stick Fighting ( Kali) 4 years and three certifications.
  • Judo Brown Belt
  • Karate, Kendo, Kung Foo San Soo, American Kenpo Karate all over two years experience in each style.

My greatest achievement has been overcoming 26 surgeries and walking again after spending five years bound to a wheelchair. Having the opportunity to step back on the mat and teach martial arts once again has been a great reward.