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Successful Components of Fitness:

  1. Rest: This means sleep. Our bodies make the most in growth and repair, while we are asleep. During the day and when we are awake our body worries more about stress & function then trying to build muscle and burning fat.
  2. Proper Food INTAKE: Determines Energy for the day work. Excess amount of Nutrient intake not being utilize means the possibility of storage left on one’s body as fat.
  3. Supplements or Vitamins: Are needed to protect the body from lack of quality Nutrients from Diet. We need to stay above maintenance Level Due to additional Exercises, Overworked, Stress, and Diet.
  4. Proper Resistance Training: Knowing the right amount of resistance to create the overall results that you are trying to Achieve.
  5. Cardio Vascular Fitness Training: Cardio Type Training comes in many forms: It’s all adds up to the Elevation of ones heart rate to its Fat to Energy.
  6. Personal Guide: It is necessary to have a person with a level of Training, Knowledge, Ability, and Experience in order to make adjustments to every person Workout Goals.
  7. Mind & Body Connection: “To first achieve a healthy mind & body connection we must start with the positive attitude. Our Minds and bodies can only give back what we put into them. With our fast paced life style, balance is a necessary component to a healthy mind/body connection. Brining a balance between work, home, diet, exercise, and relaxation allows us to not only lead a healthy life, but enjoy it as well.” (Big Al)

Benefit of Hardcore Training Company

Training Benefits

  1. Building the most important muscle in your Body, Mind, Heart, & Soul.
  2. Start lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and burn that extra sat away.
  3. Trainer with knowledge not just from reading a book, but from years of living and working, in the fitness world.
  4. Getting that fit and tone body that you deserve. “Results are what we get.”
  5. Developed Self-confidence in you and improve appearance.
  6. Reduce Body Fat and Increase Lean Muscular Body
  7. Increase strength, Endurance, Flexibility, and maintain a balance in your Life.
  8. Help increase your productivity and reduce injuries to your body.
  9. As a Trainer it is our job to help you the client, get more motivated and stay committed with your personal goal. Working out comes with its benefits: improvement and Energy for years to come.


Outdoor Possibilities

Strategy for training


If your program had no strategy or you’re just getting started we Can Help You!


Step One: Meet with a consultant/trainer to set first goals. Lay out what times you can train, work schedule, family schedule, and get a clear picture of what needs you as the client are going to have.


Step Two: Key Definition

Eat: To take into mouth & swallow, top consume or destroy as if by eating

Rest: A state or period of inactivity, relaxation or sleep.

Workout: A strenuous period of Exercise or practice and arduous task

Stress: A force that tends to stain or deform, mental emotional, or physical tension.


Step Three: Build a life style change that benefits you the client


Step Four: Key Ingredients:

Eat: We start with the furl/food, and we look at intake and type of fuel that is consumed on a regular basis.

Rest: What do you call Rest? Is it actual sleeping, settling in, watching TV, or logging onto a computer? Each person has a different definition of rest. We need to really think about what activates we can do to maximize our level of rest. How long you sleep, how well you sleep, and what kind of work you do. All these situations can also be a factor that determines energy level and overall health.

Workout: Type of training Heavy Lifting, Cardio Program, Functional Fitness, Yoga, Boxing, Martial Arts, or Pilates. All are great, but are they what you need for that perfect you!

Stress: Where is it coming from and how can we control the amount in a daily life style. For more on strategy for life contact Big Al at bigtrainer@msn.com


From this information we can now know and understand what you individual needs are going to be.